Bleckmann Fashion & Lifestyle Logistics announced the #1 Fastest growing and most Trend Setting “Gazelle 2019”

16 October 2019

Yesterday, during this year’s edition of Transport & Logistics Antwerp, Bleckmann Fashion and Lifestyle Logistics was announced the #1 Fastest growing and most Trend Setting  or “Gazelle” in the sector.

Trends Gazelles are fast-growing companies that form an integral part of our economic landscape. Competitive companies that positively influence the business climate in their region and the country by being sources of innovation and acting as the most inspiring role model.

According to Hilde Ryken, Director Human Recourses at Bleckmann, “Winning the award is the culmination of 10 years of hard work and dedication while strictly following the company’s Vision and Strategy to disrupt the sector in a customer oriented and fun way. We owe a more than special “thank you” to our team members, our customers and our business partners for their contribution to this amazing accomplishment.”

Growth in revenue, staff and Added Value are reviewed during Trend’s selection process for this prestigious price which is cherished and highly regarded by the business world because of national fame and regional recognition. This growth can only materialize when our customers’ expectations and requirements are met, by understanding the business and by knowing what is needed for success.

“We are quite proud of this award”, says Steven Rymenans, co-owner and Strategy Director. “After all, a completely objective method of measurement is used to select the winner. Moreover, last year we were a nominee in the Medium-sized companies category and this year we are the fastest growing company in the large companies category. So that actually is to be regarded as a double leap.”

“Quite clearly the award is indeed a confirmation of the fact that the company is on the right path. In the countries in which we operate such as Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, the US and others, we have consistently realized double digit growth in the last five years. Our strong presence in E-commerce has enabled us to further accelerate our revenue development. This award shows once again that we, as Bleckmann, can make our mark in this highly competitive market.”

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