Our Air Freight solutions

The best solution when you need a fast and efficient transport service. When you launch a new product, introduce a collection, or are in the middle of a sales campaign, running out of stock is simply not an option. When time and speed matter, air freight can be the right answer.

Our Air Freight service levels
Air Express
Air Express

The fastest air freight options for urgent shipments

Air Saver
Air Saver

Is time less critical? Choose a more cost-effective air freight service


Combine the speed of air and cost advantage of other modes of transport


It is important, and sometimes even crucial, to know where your shipment is and when it arrives. That’s why every step in the transport process is closely monitored and communicated to you at any given time.

We use the best-in-class Order Management System (OMS) that compiles data from suppliers, carriers and other many parties for ultimate visibility.


Cargo consolidation at origin services will reduce your costs and maximise carrier capacity. We check the quality of goods at origin to ensure incorrect or compromised goods don't get shipped out. This will ultimately save costs.

The consolidation is based on the mode of transport and your requirements, for example, for a ULD (Unique Load Device), GoH containers (Garment-on-Hanger) and palletised goods. We can offer multi-country consolidation if you source small quantities from different countries. Once the goods reach distribution centres, they get deconsolidated as required.

Exception management

We anticipate the unexpected. Even when things do not go according to plan, we are ready to act. We pro-actively manage exceptions; without any delays, we search for the best alternatives to get your goods delivered as soon as possible at acceptable costs. Most importantly, we keep you informed about the situation and always look for the best options.