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Unleash your recommerce potential

A complete set of circular solutions to recover the highest value of every product your brand ever created.

Benefits of circular
Business growth
Business growth

Additional income through second-life product sale

Cost reduction
Cost reduction

Reduced returns-related costs

Compliance to legislation
Compliance to legislation

Be ready for legislative changes and requirements

Customer loyalty
Customer loyalty

Engage your customers with trade-in

Zero waste
Zero waste

From returned apparel and textile products


Reduce your CO2 emissions

Our services unleashing your recommence potential

TRADE IN: Minimizing your returns, optimizing your returns process efficiency and deciding on how to handle damaged returned items

RENEWAL: Reworking your products from unsellable to sellable

RESALE: Selling your reworked products as second life inventory

Circular path

In our state-of-the-art facilities, we offer the complete renewal process, for maximum recovery and minimum environmental impact.

About the Renewal Workshop

We deliver extensive renewal and recommerce services for your returned apparel and other textile products from your end-customers or retail stores. The renewal system, which we have created and keep constantly improving, enables you to restore products so they could be resold, generating new revenue opportunities for your brand. Moreover, you reduce your overall pollution, typically created from “waste” streams, and enable long-term new production reduction to offset carbon.

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Renewal Workshop
The potential for renewal to make a meaningful difference in the climate crisis is real. Our most recent research demonstrates that brands can achieve an average reduction of 51.5% in carbon emissions by renewing an existing product instead of producing a new one.
Nicole Bassett | Circular Lead at Bleckmann and co-founder of The Renewal Workshop
Bleckmann acquired The Renewal Workshop

In early 2022, we acquired The Renewal Workshop as part of our strategy to develop a fully circular supply chain proposition for our fashion and lifestyle clients. The acquisition of The Renewal Workshop enabled us to enhance our service portfolio with extensive collection, renewal and recommerce services. The comprehensive Renewal System truly complements our efforts to offer sustainable solutions to our clients.

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In our vision of the future, logistics will become the backbone of a circular economy for fashion and lifestyle products. Our solutions will gradually be incorporated into a new all-in-one renewal and logistics offering.
The Renewal Workshop | Leading Circular 2023
Leading Circular 2023

Fashion companies are being asked to make real changes in how they operate to become more eco-friendly, like recycling and reducing waste. Besides, they're encouraged to get rid of old habits and work with consumers and other businesses to make the fashion industry better for the environment.

Find out more in our latest Leading Circular report on scaling up fashion's zero-waste transition!

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Is your brand ready for mandatory textile circularity?

The European Union is introducing a broad range of policy measures that aim to reduce the environmental footprint of the European textile industry. The strategy will directly affect various actors across the sector.

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