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Delivering on your promises since 1862!

Our solutions for your logistics

Meeting your customers' high expectations is crucial. You aim for them to get your products at the right time, in the right place, and in perfect condition.

We can handle your entire logistics journey - from when your products leave the supplier to safely reaching your customers' doorsteps. We specialize in solving challenges during peak periods like Black Friday, ensuring smooth and reliable deliveries.

Why Bleckmann?
Logistics expertise
Logistics expertise

You can leave your logistics matters to the experts - our people

Excellent customer experience
Excellent customer experience

We help you deliver a seamless customer experience

Easy, engaged, committed
Easy, engaged, committed

We are here for you day in and day out and get things done

Bleckmann facts

Prioritizing your business needs is our focus. Benefit from our numerous facilities and a dedicated team of excellent professionals.

We provide tailored, innovative logistics solutions to fuel your business growth. Our commitment ensures daily fulfillment of promises to your customers.

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What is the story of Bleckmann?

Once started as a local Dutch and Belgium logistics provider for companies in the fashion industry, we have grown into an international logistics company serving many renowned brands across various consumer goods industries.

We leverage our experience and knowledge built over many years, passed from team members to team members, and expanded our activities ever since. Despite our growth and substantially larger business size, we have always kept our spirit of an agile entrepreneur, drive to excel, passion for logistics and culture of putting people first.

Delivering on your promises since 1862.

What services does Bleckmann provide?

We take care of your fashion & lifestyle logistics end to end: from the moment your products leave the supplier, safely to your customers' doorstep. We make this happen by delivering the following services:

Freight Forwarding: By air, sea, road and rail, we deliver your products where they need to be. Thanks to our global partner network, we have built a solid worldwide presence combined with profound local market expertise. More info

Logistics & Fulfilment: Every customer expects a quick, reliable and high-quality service. Our core business is managing and running fashion & lifestyle logistics: we optimise omnichannel logistics and deliver a seamless customer experience. Combining our knowledge of the retail landscape with our passion for logistics makes us the fashion & lifestyle logistics expert you need. More info

Circular solutions: All unsold and returned products that your brand has ever brought to market can go through a circular system to responsibly manage them and to recover the highest possible value. More info

Distribution: We offer a full range of omnichannel distribution services to optimise the delivery of your goods and create a seamless customer experience. More info

Where do I find Bleckmann written articles, blogs and reports?

Discover a wealth of information on our Resources page, featuring blogs, reports, whitepapers, and infographics covering themes such as e-commerce, returns, sustainability, legal matters, and innovation. Explore the latest insights on these themes here: Resources

What are the core values of Bleckmann?

Our values are defined as the 4 E’s of Bleckmann: Entrepreneurship, Expertise, Engagement, Excellence.

Interested in what they actually mean in the practice of fashion logistics? Read the blog!

In what branche operates Bleckmann?

Bleckmann operates primarily in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Our fashion logistics services cater to a diverse range of businesses within this sector, including apparel, accessories, and other lifestyle-related products. We specialize in providing tailored logistics solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges faced by companies in the fashion and lifestyle market. Whether you are a clothing brand, accessory designer, or any other business involved in the fashion and lifestyle space, Bleckmann is well-equipped to support your logistical requirements and contribute to the success of your operations.

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