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Returning goods

All unsold and returned products that your brand has ever brought to market can go through a circular system to responsibly manage them and to recover the highest possible value.

The US second-hand apparel market is expected to more than double by 2026, reaching USD 82 billion.
thredUP 2022 Resale Report
Embracing circularity

How can you make the lifecycle of a product more circular? Can you create that way more value for your business? The whole lifecycle of fashion and textile products offers many opportunities to reduce wastage and make your business more sustainable. The lifecycle infographic guides you through a product’s life span a offers some suggestions how it can be extended.

So where do you start?

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Unleash your recommerce potential
In a well-organized store, a display rack holds an assortment of fashionable clothes, ready for customers to browse.
A new life for returned products

When a returned product can not be re-sold as new, it should still be given a second chance. We are developing a fully circular supply chain for apparel, saving natural resources, optimising your costs, and offering perfect products for environmentally conscious consumers.

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Reverse logistics for Securitas

As one of the world’s leading security providers, Securitas needed a full-scope logistics solution to securely track and distribute official uniforms for its employees, including reliable reverse logistics.

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