Uniforms are essential in the security trade. Being one of the world’s leading security providers, Securitas needed a full-scope logistics solution to securely track and distribute official uniforms for its 6,000 employees in Belgium and Luxembourg.

That’s where Bleckmann came in…

Our task was to streamline previously complex authorisation procedures, so security agents could seamlessly order their uniforms whenever they needed them. But providing full oversight of the uniform lifecycle would be no easy task. So, how did we do it?

What did we achieve?

In collaboration with e-commerce agency Duke & Grace, we created an end-to-end logistics solution powered by radio frequency identification (RFID). Securitas agents can now easily order and receive uniforms via a fully secured e-fulfilment system – there’s even the option to return, swap or recycle garments. And every item is traceable 24/7, so there’s no chance it could fall into the wrong hands!

visibility and traceability of all personnel uniforms
of uniforms verified with RFID technology
Since proper managing of workwear in the security sector is a matter of an absolute priority, we have partnered with Bleckmann to secure closely monitored logistics management integrated with our own internal hermetic e-commerce platform.
Carolle Van Dijck | Spokesperson at Securitas
Who is Securitas?

Securitas Group has over 355,000 employees across 46 markets. A leader in the field, it provides security solutions for industry, governments, and VIPs. Its agents operate in some of the most sensitive and confidential environments in the world, so absolute trust is mandatory for their work.
How did we support them?

A ‘blind spot’ is a link in the supply chain where an item could potentially go missing. Our highly secured integrated logistics system – based on Duke & Grace’s access-restricted e-commerce platform – removes these blind spots completely.

When an agent sends in old clothes for reconditioning or recycling, the platform automatically updates the garment’s digital record. This means every piece of Securitas uniform is always accounted for. The result? Full oversight of all Securitas uniforms, a radically simplified authorisation process and a reduced workload for the Securitas management team.

What were the results?

Securitas’ 6,000 security agents in Belgium and Luxembourg can now order the exact garments they need with next-day delivery via our Pick-up-Drop-off (PUDO) network.

Bleckmann also provides reverse logistics, warehousing and value-added services, including grading, reconditioning and recycling. This enables more efficient use of resources by accurately tracking demand and facilitating reuse and repair. A win-win all around!

Key benefits
Secure and reliable
Secure and reliable

24/7 traceability of uniform items

Full-scope integration
Full-scope integration

Next-day delivery and enhanced reverse logistics

Increased sustainability
Increased sustainability

Streamlined grading and recycling of used workwear

Securing the supply chain

By ensuring that only Securitas personnel can access the official uniforms, we have helped cement trust in the people who wear them. The new user-friendly e-commerce platform manages complex order flows, exchanges and returns.

Fully integrated with Bleckmann’s warehouse management system (WMS) and return portal, the system guarantees streamlined stock management and simplified reverse logistics. In addition, the system has secured considerable time and cost savings within the supply chain, as well as sustainability gains thanks to the ability to recycle workwear.

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