Our Approach Sustainability


Sustainability is a journey; we continuously challenge ourselves and our clients to work more sustainably, striving for more sustainable logistics and a more sustainable world tomorrow.

Our sustainability framework

Focus on carbon footprint and waste reduction


Focus on social involvement and becoming the employer of choice


Focus on business ethics and sustainable growth

Working towards more responsible logistics for a more sustainable future

In our first Corporate Social Responsibility report, we outline our deep commitment to building a more sustainable logistics industry.

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UN's Sustainable Development Goals at Bleckmann
UN's Sustainable Development Goals at Bleckmann

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to make the world a better place by 2030. The 17 interlinked SDGs have been agreed upon by the countries affiliated with the United Nations. They are a call to action to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. Bleckmann is part of this vital journey.

The SDGs pay great attention to peace and security, economic development and environmental issues. The idea behind the SDGs is that no one is left behind and that everyone should be able to build a better future.

Not all goals are, however, applicable to Bleckmann. Therefore we mainly focus on the goals where we can directly contribute and make a difference, ensuring a better environment, fair wages for all employees and good workplaces.

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By partnering with experts like Bleckmann we're excited to raise the bar in this arena and take giant strides forward in terms of our overall logistics process and commitment to sustainable practices. As a brand, we’re committed to carbon neutrality by 2022 and this partnership will help us get there.
Diarmuid McSweeney | Co-founder and chief marketing officer at Gym+Coffee

Together with our clients and suppliers we strive to minimise our impact and to save natural resources by reducing, re-using and recycling.
Two focus areas are carbon footprint reduction, for both our clients and us, and waste reduction.

For carbon footprint, these are in particular:

  • Lean & Green program
  • Transition to renewable energy
  • Creating a sustainable last-mile distribution

For waste reduction, we focus on:

  • Reducing single-use plastic
  • Zero Waste program
  • Changing to eco-friendly materials

Our focus lies in becoming an employer of choice and in social involvement. We believe in offering rewarding and fulfilling work for our team members. An engaging, safe, and healthy work environment for our people is essential to us, and we strive to provide that at all our locations.

We regularly interact with students - the next-generation workforce - and we employ people with limited access to the labour market.


We apply the highest international, national and industry standards for our policies across all our sites and ensure that also our suppliers comply with these standards.

We are committed to growing our business sustainably: taking account of people and the environment when making business decisions and working towards a sustainable future involving all stakeholders, including clients, our team members, suppliers, investors, media, communities, government agencies and NGOs.

Our achievements and future ambitions

We care for the environment and the world of tomorrow. We invest in innovation and sustainability while staying focused on our clients' needs. That's why:

of our sites run on renewable energy
16 GW
electricity produced on the roofs of our sites
recycling rate goal for 2023
The largest circular distribution centre

Bleckmann and VDR Bouwgroep are building the largest demonstrably circular fulfilment centre in the Netherlands.The building will have 45,600 sq m of floor space.

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