Leading Circular 2022: Scaling up fashion's zero-waste transition

Leading Circular 2022: Scaling up fashion's zero-waste transition

30 January 2023  |  Circularity

The Renewal Workshop was founded to facilitate and accelerate the global shift towards a circular economy. And we are committed to using what we have learned on this journey so far to help further the circular movement, working towards an economy that is in service to the planet and all the beings that inhabit it.

With this year’s focus on scaling up the circular transition in the textiles industry, we bring together the wealth of learnings that we have gained – through the direct experience of shifting our own business towards circular, supporting our clients on their own circular journeys, and reflecting on our progress.

Download the report to discover why circularity will be essential in the future of the textiles industry and how we can make sure that it works for everyone.

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