How do you get started with recommerce?

How do you get started with recommerce?

13 June 2023  |  Circularity

There are several steps that always need to happen before you can embark on the recommerce journey and you don’t have to take them alone. Growing into recommerce is something that can be done through collaboration.

Recommerce is a lot more complex than e-commerce, where items arrive in bulk in the warehouse, are of good quality and are handled according to standardised processes.

So how do you approach this challenge?

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Ask your partners about the recommerce options they have. A lot of people in your sector have already embraced recommerce. Can you take advantage of their solutions? For example, you can ask your logistics partner how they can unburden you. Perhaps they are already helping other brands with recommerce today.

Your logistics partner could also help to collect returned and used items, wash and repair clothing and accessories, assess quality, and relabel and repackage items, ultimately enabling their resale.

Discover the possibilities in the Moving Forward in 2021 blog by Nicole Bassett, Circularity Lead at Bleckmann and The Renewal Workshop® co-founder, and the Leading Circular 2021: Discover the Power of Renewal report.

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Take inspiration from other fashion and lifestyle brands. Many big brands are already involved in recommerce. For example, just think of the famous bargain corner in IKEA. Coolblue also has the ‘second chance’ category, has ‘return deals’ and every Belgian JBC store has a collection box for used clothing, giving it a second life.

Furthermore, clothing companies such as Patagonia, Lululemon, Coyuchi and Velocio have started offering resale options. Their customers can buy used items through their own platforms, providing them with additional benefits or coupons when they return old products.

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Choose the recommerce approach that fits you most. Where do you already sell your products? Leverage your stores or a branded resale site. After all, as a retailer, you should always ask yourself where your target audience is hanging out. That’s the place where you need to be.

Think about how you will reward customers who bring in quality items that are resalable.
Pre-plan your financials so you are prepared to pay for your items to be returned. Ideas of engagement can include vouchers that allow customers to purchase new or used products from your online shop and tickets for a concert. Find out what encourages your customers to become active in your recommerce strategy. That way, you can offer every customer the opportunity to make sustainable choices.

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The fashion and lifestyle sector no longer wants to be an environmental problem. More and more brands want to be part of the solution.

Recommerce is not only an exciting opportunity to expand your current business. It is also a highly suitable strategy to become a more sustainable brand and appeal to new generations. Moreover, recommerce is a doable and practically feasible solution.

We wish you every success in setting up your recommerce!

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