Bleckmann wins the US Reusies Award 2023 and is recognized as the Most Innovative Reuse Company

09 June 2023

Bleckmann, experts in Fashion & Lifestyle logistics, won the US Reusies Award 2023 and was recognized as the Most Innovative Reuse Company. "We acquired The Renewal Workshop (TRW) in March 2022. And by integrating The Renewal Workshop services into our supply chain solutions portfolio, we are able to offer a fully circular end to end logistics and support fashion brands in getting closer to their sustainability goals. Thanks to the TRW solution we support and enable brands in their efforts to introduce circular product lines and unleash the value of unsellable inventory," said Jurrie-Jan Tap, Chief Business Development Officer at Bleckmann.

Bleckmann, is committed to continuously improving and becoming part of the solution. We want to help fashion brands in their sustainability journeys. TRW solution allows for turning unsold and unsellable inventory into sellable merchandise, prolonging the lifecycle of a single product item. More and more fashion brands turn towards preloved products and introduce recommerce programmes. Resell of repaired and reconditioned post-consumer products generate new revenue opportunities for many brands, additionally helping brands to reduce their environmental footprint. As a logistics solutions provider, Bleckmann was used to be part of the problem. But now, we're more and more part of the solution.  

Bleckmann's Renewal Workshop
In March 2022, Bleckmann acquired The Renewal Workshop, offering a fully circular supply chain solution. This move is part of the ambition to create a fully circular supply chain proposition for both fashion and lifestyle customers. The acquisition of The Renewal Workshop enables Bleckmann to expand its service portfolio with renewal, resell and reuse solutions. This allows Bleckmann to help brands access the fast-growing global recommerce market.

Nicole Bassett, Circularity Lead at Bleckmann said: "Thank you to The Reusies and everyone who voted for Bleckmann's TRW for this incredible award. We are honoured to be recognized as the most innovative reuse company in Fashion and Apparel category for 2023. We are proud to be pioneers in this space, and we are excited to continue co-creating a world where waste is a thing of the past. Again, thank you for this award, and we'll keep working towards a more sustainable future!" 

The pioneer
Originally, The Renewal Workshop started developing and testing systems, processes and technology for renewal and resale in 2015. They used the experience of processing a broad range of products for a diverse set of customers to remap, refine and improve the system. Over the past six years, they have developed The Renewal system into a documented and repeatable process, including launching the system in a second renewal facility in Amsterdam in 2019 and then into two additional facilities in 2022.

Today, Bleckmann partners with brands to tell a new and different story to their customers, increasing brand equity, loyalty, retention and customer value, as the leading provider of circular solutions for apparel and textile brands. Differently from other competitors, Bleckmann offers a full-service solution for brands, hence providing an all-round service compared to pure-play re-commerce or traditional return platform. Additionally, Bleckmann has best in class physical infrastructure and operations due to our experience and ability to scale.

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