Superdry and Bleckmann extend their trusted partnership for the next 5 years

28 April 2021

Globally recognized brand Superdry has renewed its contract with Bleckmann as their logistics supply chain partner. This continuation emphasizes the trusted partnership between the companies since 2007. Over the next 5 years Bleckmann continues to provide omni-channel services from its distribution center in Grobbendonk (Belgium) to European Superdry-customers. As prime partners, Bleckmann and Superdry will invest in future robotics.

Trusted partners

The contract renewal not only reflects the mutual trust built up during the long-standing relationship between Superdry and Bleckmann. It also provides the foundation for Superdry’s future growth in European mainland following a brand reset with focus on the use of social channels.

Alex Watson, Head of Global Logistics at Superdry explains: “Superdry’s brand reset, from more conventional customer growth channels to social media, will fundamentally drive the requirements of our European operations. With their expertise and flexibility, Bleckmann is the right partner to support this evolution in market dynamics and allows Superdry continue to grow.”

Bleckmann is the right partner to support this evolution in market dynamics’ – Alex Watson (Superdry)

Reinardt van Oel, Chief Operations Officer Belgium & UK at Bleckmann adds: “As a preferred logistics supply chain partner with an European base and a vast expertise in e-commerce, we focus on continuous improvement. This allows us to facilitate growth of our clients and offer the best client and customer experience. We are delighted to be the continued partner of the iconic Superdry brand.”

Future ambitions: robotic automation and inventory efficiency

Future ambitions of Superdry and Bleckmann for the next 5 years include the investment in robotic automation and further improvement of inventory efficiency.

“At Superdry, we wanted a partner who will not just implement our strategies but play an active part in the solution designs and drive the use of technology within our operations. All while providing the flexibility for us to leverage gains in our operating efficiency in terms of inventory. We know that Bleckmann has the right mix of skills and experience to do that,” explains Alex Watson.

Reinardt van Oel concludes: “Innovation is in our Bleckmann-DNA. We are continually investing in our technological capabilities and expanding our expertise. Together with Superdry we will further invest in robotic automation of the warehouse in Grobbendonk. Allowing us increased productivity while still ensuring a high level of flexibility.”

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