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30 May 2022

Bleckmann supports its new client SNS to give a premium service to its customers. The growing brand SNS (Sneakersnstuff) partners with Bleckmann for total logistic fulfilment in Europe. That enables SNS to connect even better with their customers and community.


Unique connection with customers

SNS was founded in 1999 out of the love and curiosity for the culture and life around sneakers, fashion, art, music and basketball. Since the launch of the first footwear collaboration in 2003, SNS has worked on over 200 collaborative projects with all major footwear brands.

SNS started as a local store in the back streets of Södermalm, Stockholm and has now grown into a global brand and retail experience with seven locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm.

SNS now partners with Bleckmann to deliver an excellent logistic service to its customers.


New warehouse to support growth

In the fast-changing footwear business the logistic challenges are enormous, where trends, hype, and product shortage take great influence. Now, SNS joins forces with a premium logistic partner to level up the service to their customers. As an expert in Supply Chain Management solutions for fashion, lifestyle and consumer electronics brands, Bleckmann was identified as the ideal logistics partner for SNS.

Bleckmann will operate all SNS warehousing and final mile distribution in continental Europe for the years to come. The logistics provider has dedicated 5,000 sq m of the distribution center in Grobbendonk (Belgium) to SNS’s operation, with ample room for expansion to facilitate the brand’s future growth. First operations went successfully live in March 2022 and are now in full swing.


A more sustainable brand

The partnership Bleckmann brings is also an opportunity to leverage the brand’s sustainability. As the overall logistics move from Sweden to Belgium, they will operate from the heart of Europe and be closer to both suppliers and their end consumers which will reduce their total carbon footprint.

As Bleckmann operates with a network of different carriers we can select the most sustainable delivery partners, with the ambition to continuously push for reductions in our emissions.


Siebrand Wiltjer, Key Account Manager at Bleckmann: “Online shopping is booming. As SNS has its main focus on e-commerce, we see a huge potential for the coming years. As experts in delivering excellent service, we will support SNS’s growth, just like we do for other fashion brands. Thanks to our warehouses in the centre of Europe, close to the suppliers and European customers, we will enhance the service and shorten the delivery times.”


Thomas Hellström, Head of Supply Chain & Customer Service at SNS: “We love the engagement and can-do attitude of the Bleckmann team. They are experts in fashion logistics and passionate about their customer’s brand. Bleckmanns knowledge and understanding of both logistics and our business will secure a great service to our customers and play an important part in our future growth journey.”

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