Masks for Belgium selects Bleckmann as its logistics business partner

22 June 2020

Bleckmann is proud to be selected for handling the logistic processes for Masks for Belgium. Both B2C and B2B customers are able to order boxes containing fifty masks each whereby Bleckmann takes care of smooth logistics, delivering masks within two workdays.

While in February, March and April face masks were scarce due to the high demand caused by the quickly spreading Covid-19 virus, this is no longer the case. New face mask manufacturing facilities have been set up and production is ramping up. Masks for Belgium is offering anyone – from consumers to companies – the possibility to order community masks online. In addition, the organization is donating 1 EUR to Belgian healthcare institutions and associations for every box being ordered.

Fashion- and Lifestyle logistics expertise is decisive

Bleckmann Fashion- & Lifestyle Logistics has been selected to support Masks for Belgium due to its expertise in e-fulfilment processes. Bleckmann specializes in serving the market segments of fashion- and lifestyle brands in which timing and flexibility are key. Masks for Belgium guarantees customers a fast delivery, meaning that an order placed before 3PM will be delivered in Belgium within two workdays. With the aim to deliver on this promise Bleckmann applies proven pick and pack solutions which have been developed for fashion- and lifestyle items. Bleckmann’s Local Hero partners in Belgium support the distribution process.

High-quality three-layer masks

Masks for Belgium produces high-quality three-layer masks, light weighted, comfortable, hypoallergenic and easy to breathe through. The product has a minimum Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of 95 percent. Provided in blue, the outer layer material of the mask is non-woven fabric while the inner layer material is melt-blown fabric. The face masks measure 175mm (width) by 95mm (height).

Dedicated e-fulfilment operations

The Bleckmann e-fulfilment operations for Masks for Belgium are up and running. Philippe Desmedt, Sales Manager at Bleckmann: “We are pleased to support Masks for Belgium with our e-fulfilment expertise. Together we can contribute to fighting the spread of corona.”

Masks for Belgium’s team adds: “Thanks to our collaboration with Bleckmann, Masks for Belgium is able to guarantee its customers qualitive masks at the right price. With the help of its high-performance logistic solutions Bleckmann facilitates us in the production chain by eliminating transport intermediaries between the factory and the final consumer.”

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