Gymshark and Bleckmann announce extension of the contract for the next 9 years

18 February 2020

Gymshark, a fitness apparel & accessories brand, extends the current logistics contract with Bleckmann for the period of the next 9 years. This contract expansion is the result of mutual trust, understanding and proven successful collaboration between the companies, supporting the dynamically growing business of Gymshark in Europe and beyond. To assure even greater flexibility and scalability, Bleckmann moved the operation to the recently opened site in Rieme (Belgium), where over 17,000 sq m is dedicated to operations for Gymshark only.

Bleckmann delivers on the promises of Gymshark since 2017 and became a key enabler of the customer’s success and accelerator of Gymshark’s rapid business growth. Bleckmann provides for Gymshark the end-to-end fulfilment, including inbound freight forwarding, warehousing, e-commerce distribution, customs support and reverse logistics.

“We have been working with Bleckmann since August 2017 and they are the key ingredient in keeping our promise to customers in 170+ countries. They are as obsessed as we are in looking after our customers and they are always striving to continually stay ahead in recommending the best possible solution. When we talk about working with partners at Gymshark, there is no better example. They are truly world class,” says Steve Hewitt, Chief Executive Officer at Gymshark.

In order to facilitate the ambitious expansion of Gymshark in continental Europe, Bleckmann has moved the Belgium based operations from Grobbendonk, Belgium to the recently opened distribution center in Rieme, where 17,000 sq m warehouse space has been dedicated to serve e-commerce customers of Gymshark worldwide. The new site has significant levels of automation, allowing Bleckmann to process even higher volumes and design operational processes more efficiently, which results in even greater flexibility and scalability of the operation.

“We are glad to contribute in such great measure to the success of Gymshark. With an eye on the right IT solutions and automation, together we design the logistics ecosystem that boosts our customer’s evolution”, says Reinardt van Oel, Regional Chief Operating Officer at Bleckmann."

With the opening of the DC in Rieme, Bleckmann creates over 70 new fixed staff positions, with at least 500 additional temporary jobs to be added in the peak seasons. The facility in total will have a footprint of over 30,000 sq m.

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