23 April 2024

Innovator in luxury sustainable living, Coyuchi proudly announces a significant expansion of its groundbreaking 2nd Home™ Renewed program. In a strategic partnership with Bleckmann, market leader in Supply Chain Management services, and Recurate, a pioneer in resale solutions, Coyuchi is revolutionizing the circular shopping experience for its valued customers.

Since its inception in 2017, 2nd Home™ Renewed has set the industry standard, offering customers the opportunity to breathe new life into pre-loved Coyuchi items diverting textiles from the waste stream. This collaborative effort underscores Coyuchi's unwavering commitment to sustainability and marks a pivotal step towards minimizing its ecological footprint. “Coyuchi has been a proud partner since 2017 and we are excited to see their program grow and evolve together.” said Joey Silva, Vice-President Operations at Bleckmann in the USA.

“Coyuchi's foundation rests upon a steadfast commitment to sustainability,” affirms Marcus Chung, Chief Operations Officer at Coyuchi. “Through our partnership with Bleckmann and Recurate, we seamlessly integrate 2nd Home™ Renewed into our primary e-commerce platform, not only enhancing the customer journey but also deepening our dedication to a circular business model.”

Bleckmann’s Renewal Workshop

Leveraging Bleckmann’s profound expertise in supply chain management and circularity services, gained from their acquisition of The Renewal Workshop (TRW) in 2022, Coyuchi ensures the meticulous execution of a six-stage certification process for every 2nd Home™ Take Back product. This rigorous process guarantees adherence to the highest quality standards that are essential for resale.

Facilitating a seamless shopping experience, Recurate's ResaleOS™ 2.0 platform integrates seamlessly with Bleckmann's logistics infrastructure. This collaboration provides an all-encompassing recommerce platform, spanning trade-ins, sorting, cleaning, resale, and fulfillment.

To date, the collaboration between Coyuchi and Bleckmann has diverted over 165,046 lbs of textile waste from landfills. Additionally, since the inception of 2nd Home™ Renewed, Coyuchi has repurposed and redistributed over 43,854 pounds of fabric, further solidifying their position as pioneers in sustainable living

“It is rewarding to see the evolution of Bleckmann’s services towards a circular supply chain, with the partnership launch between Recurate for Coyuchi’s 2ndHome resale online and Bleckmann. Bleckmann’s focus is now on operational and logistical processes for brands enabling a broader strategy for resale. Our integration strategy allows us to expand resale to stores, white-label websites, Brand websites, or on marketplaces.”, said Bleckmann’s Circularity Lead, Nicole Bassett.

A more sustainable future

This partnership epitomizes Coyuchi, Bleckmann, and Recurate's shared vision for a more sustainable future in the textile industry. Empowering customers to participate in a circular economy, this initiative breathes new life into pre-loved items while significantly reducing environmental impact. Together, they redefine consumer engagement with products, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the planet and its inhabitants.

Additionally, to further drive growth and advance our mission, Coyuchi welcomes Vicky Grahan as Chief Digital Officer and Tina Fine as Creative Director. Their expertise in E-Commerce, Marketing and brand building will bolster our efforts to effectively market our differentiated positioning as a luxury sustainable brand, ensuring Coyuchi remains at the forefront of the industry’s sustainability efforts.

About Bleckmann

Bleckmann is a market leader in Supply Chain Management (SCM) services for fashion and lifestyle brands. Founded in 1862, Bleckmann developed from a transport company to a full supply chain solutions provider with specific expertise in e-fulfilment. From its strong base in Europe, the company expanded into the US and Asia, enabling Bleckmann to serve customers around the world. Its investments and extensive experience in IT solutions ensure that Bleckmann offers a uniform platform to its customers worldwide. Around five thousand employees are available every day to support Bleckmann's clients and keep their promises. With a turnover of EUR 566 million, Bleckmann has the size and flexibility to provide world-class solutions for its clients. For more information, visit

About Coyuchi

Since 1991, Coyuchi has had sustainability at its core. Inspired by the natural world for decades, it is honoured in everything that has been crafted. From the raw power and beauty of nature to connecting people around the world, we have been a leader in crafting the finest, coastal-inspired organic home goods that include bedding, sheets, towels, apparel, and more for a luxurious, environmentally conscious home. Preserving natural performance in pure organic fibre, we source responsibly to promote a sense of well-being in creating a sustainable haven. As we enliven spaces with the restorative energy of the Earth, our products are made for a cleaner and safer planet for all. Discover more about Coyuchi's circular initiatives at

About Recurate

Recurate’s ResaleOSTM gives brands ownership of their second-hand market via a custom, white label resale marketplace. Their modular approach to resale enables brands to create a circular ecosystem by integrating peer-to-peer, product trade-in, consignment, and other resale models. Recurate brands boost loyalty, customer LTV, and revenue by selling pre-loved products directly to their customers.

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