Bleckmann signs multi-year agreement with VTech

08 February 2018

Signing a multi-year agreement with Vtech continues Bleckmann growth as a logistics service provider. Bleckmann is excited with this development and looks forward to work closely together with the VTech team.

VTech is a leading global toy group that supplies high quality electronic toys throughout all regions of the world.

“Our leading position in the Fashion & Lifestyle market segments has enabled us to build a tailor-made solution for VTech that best meets their unique requirements,” says Jurrie-Jan Tap, Chief Sales Officer at Bleckmann. “Services to the toy industry require a great deal of flexibility, especially in peak periods at the end of the year. At Bleckmann we recognise and understand these market expectations very well”.

The VTech board announces that this collaboration is an important step in its development in the European market. To facilitate growth, VTech has been looking for a future-proof solution for its European logistics. In Bleckmann they have found a partner that fits well with their needs and creates a flexible and sustainable full supply chain solution.

Logistic hotspot

With VTech as her customer, Bleckmann will move to the new logistics hotspot in the Netherlands; T-Port Logistic Campus. The campus is part of the larger XL Businesspark Twente, a project of Groep Heylen. Bleckmann will invest in a distribution centre with a storage area of ​​more than 43,000 sq m from which the products of VTech will be distributed throughout Europe. “The T-Port Logistic Campus is a great location for us and our customer VTech.” says Johan Milliau, CEO of Bleckmann. “This location is accessible in many ways; by rail, by water and by road. The modern Combi Terminal Twente is just next door. This allows us to take containers from the ship directly to our distribution centre, and vice versa. This location offers great opportunities”.

Employment opportunities

With the arrival of Bleckmann in Almelo over 250 jobs will be created, a great boost to regional employment. Bleckmann will soon start recruiting employees for the new distribution centre.

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