Bleckmann provides e-fulfilment solutions for Securitas Belgium & Luxembourg

02 July 2020

Bleckmann, the specialist in end-to-end logistics solutions for fashion- and lifestyle brands, has been chosen by Securitas Belgium & Luxembourg as their e-fulfilment partner. Bleckmann will provide a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology-based fulfilment management, including the full scope of logistics services with next-day delivery, recycling of corporate clothing and returns processing. The solution will enable 6,000 Securitas agents in Belgium & Luxembourg to order, return or exchange their uniforms and other workwear safely via a dedicated e-commerce platform.

Bleckmann will process all internal orders based on RFID technology. This allows each individual piece of clothing to be identified and traced. All data will be available to the customer at all times to assure a higher level of security.

“The right type of work clothing for people with a social mission is of vital importance. This certainly applies to the security sector, where in addition immediate traceability of workwear pieces in end-to-end distribution is crucial. We cannot risk any uniforms or other items suddenly disappearing from the radar, as that would cause a direct danger to society”, says Carolle Van Dijck, spokesperson at Securitas. “Since proper managing of workwear in the security sector is a matter of absolute priority, we have partnered with Bleckmann to secure closely monitored logistics management integrated with our own internal hermetic e-commerce platform developed by Duke & Grace,” she adds.

“Preparations and set up of the solution were relatively complex, as they required not only integration with the client’s e-commerce platform, but also processing the data of all 6,000 authorised security agents,” comments Peter van Butsel, Director IT at Bleckmann. “With the introduction of the right IT systems we are fully capable of processing all operations in a highly secured IT environment,” he adds.

On top of processing orders and assuring overnight delivery to Securitas agents, Bleckmann will take care of reverse logistics and recycling of the clothing. Each agent will have access to the Bleckmann Returns Portal, integrated directly into the Securitas Webshop. It enables grading of the return product and printing a return label for sending back any pieces that are damaged or no longer in use. Bleckmann will recondition or recycle clothing according to the instructions of Securitas.

The partnership with Bleckmann and e-commerce solutions implemented by Duke & Grace enable Securitas agents to shop for their workwear with ease in a hermetic environment, while the shipment´s processing is handled with the highest attention to security. Agents are equipped with the right workwear items whenever needed while Securitas is able to better control and manage the use, shipping, swapping and recycling of corporate clothing. This is the Consumerisation of Enterprise in practice.

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