Bleckmann in 8th place in the LDV Top-100 ranking of

07 June 2023

Bleckmann, experts in Fashion & Lifestyle logistics, is ranked 8th place in the Top-100 of the leading Dutch Logistics Service Providers (LDV) 2023. "The fact that Bleckmann holds this high position is remarkable because the Top-10 usually consists of generalists, while Bleckmann focuses on the Fashion and Lifestyle sector," said Jurrie-Jan Tap, Chief Business Development Officer at Bleckmann. He continues: "As a specialist, Bleckmann has had a strong focus on sustainability and innovation in recent years, something that the jury can clearly appreciate."

This is the 2nd time for Bleckmann that the company has entered the top 10 of this ranking. The first time Bleckmann entered the Top-10 was in 2020, in 10th position. This time our performance is appreciated even more, which has resulted in a this newest achievement of 8th place.

The company is an omnichannel logistics specialist for fashion and lifestyle brands and as such is strong in e-fulfilment. With the knowledge and experience it has acquired, Bleckmann helps customers, who it has usually served for a long time, to implement changes. Think of the shift from retailing to e-tailing and even a total new approach for serving all customer groups. This focus on offering e-fulfilment activities pays off in a substantial growth in turnover and winning tender projects from various retailers.

Sustainability now and in the future
Within the logistics, fashion and lifestyle industry it is increasingly important to work sustainably and to go beyond the usual business models. "Now and in the future, we will work even more closely with customers and partners who value sustainability. I believe this is necessary to enable and implement real improvement", says Ron Thijssen, Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at Bleckmann. Good examples are the innovative developments within the supply chain and so-called "smart warehousing".

The new warehouse in Almelo, which has been built entirely in a circular manner, will also be Breeam certified, this is also a good example of our efforts in the field of sustainability. Mark Van Onna, General Manager Real Estate at Bleckmann, says: "Circular construction has never been seen before on this large a scale. By building circularly, there is the possibility of dismantling a complete structure and turning it into a residential area in the future. Our partner and specialist in circular construction within this project is VDR Bouwgroep."

Circular supply chain solution
In March 2022, Bleckmann acquired The Renewal Workshop, offering a fully circular supply chain solution. This move is part of the ambition to create a fully circular supply chain proposition for both fashion and lifestyle customers. The acquisition of The Renewal Workshop enables Bleckmann to expand its service portfolio with renewal and reuse solutions. This allows Bleckmann to help brands access the fast-growing global recommerce market.

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