Delivering on your promises since 1862


To succeed in the ever-changing fashion business, you need to be creative, authentic, act fast and factor current and future market developments. And so your logistics partner! Running your logistics operations well is crucial and can boost your brand’s success significantly. That’s where we make the difference.


Experts in end-to-end fashion logistics

Fashion and textiles logistics is our specialisation since over 150 years. Today, we process more than 300 million pieces of merchandise annually and distribute over 20 million packages through retail, wholesale or e-commerce sales channels. All the way from your manufacturer to your final customers, we take care of your products and ensure they are delivered as promised. We are prepared for the unexpected and understand the market dynamics. We anticipate volume fluctuations, seasonality and embrace flexibility… We are fashion logistics experts.


Fashion brands we serve

Fashion is very diverse and so is our client base. We support a wide range of brands: from fast-growing start-ups to established international fashion houses; from apparel through footwear to accessories; from pure-online players through fashion marketplaces to omni-channel retailers; from very casual and street apparel designers to luxury brands. We know that your brand is unique and we handle your business precisely that way. Delivering on your promises is what we commit to do.

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