Warehousing & Value Added Services

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Managing and running logistics for fashion and lifestyle brands is what we have been doing for decades. As the market evolves, we do too, making sure we always stay ahead of the cure. We continually improve our capabilities, invest in innovative solutions and develop expertise of our people. All that to anticipate future e-commerce and retail business developments.

With an expanding network of over 25 fulfilment centres in Europe, and direct presence in the United States, we are where our clients need us to support their business growth.


Flexibility is the key

While dealing with seasonal fluctuations, holiday sales, promotional campaigns and optimizing online and offline sales channels, you need to be able to fully rely on us as your logistics partner. We will deliver on your promises, at all times.


Our network of both multi-user and dedicated distribution centres enables us to offer the right solution for your fashion or lifestyle business. Custom designed solutions, supported by over 150 years of expertise, allow us to successfully support for various business sizes, from fast-growing newcomer brands to established international fashion houses.

Supported by market-leading warehouse management systems, BI solutions and high end visibility and reporting tools, we deliver an optimal warehousing solutions. Wherever beneficial, we combine the human factor with the right mix of automation and robotization:

  • Warehousing design & development
  • Deconsolidation and reconsolidation
  • Cross-dock operations
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfilment

Value Added Services

We provide a wide range of value added services that can be fully customised based on your needs and your customers’ expectations. We continually improve our capabilities and invest in the skills of our team members to deliver the top-quality results. Our value added services portfolio includes (but is not limited to):

  • Reconditioning
  • Quality control
  • Packing, processing and pre-retail services
  • In-house photography of the merchandise
  • Personalisation
  • Return management services

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