Our bonded warehouses make it possible for us to fulfil all of our clients’ administrative requirements for customs formalities. To enable us to do this we are AEO certified (Customs and Safety).

Thanks to the increase in exports to popular markets such as the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Canada we are specialised in providing customised solutions for customs clearance. We can prepare tax and VAT returns on our clients’ behalf. All activities are carried out professionally and accurately.

You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Deferred payment of import duties and / or VAT
  • No payment of import duties and / or VAT for exports to countries outside the EU
  • Unlimited storage of goods
  • Improving profitability / cash flow
  • Time and cost savings

Read below how clients can benefit from these advantages.

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With over 150 years of experience in transportation and logistics nowadays we have evolved into a world class partner in supply chain management (SCM) for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

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VAT and import duties

As long as goods are stored in the customs warehouse no import duties and / or VAT have to be paid. Duty and VAT are only due once goods leave our bonded warehouse and enter the European market.

No payment of import duties and / or VAT
You do not have to pay import duty or VAT on goods that are exported to countries outside the European Union (EU).

To qualify for these benefits, both Bleckmann and the client have to meet strict conditions. Belgian and Dutch Customs perform daily physical inspections and administrative controls. They check our complete warehouse management system and can impose fines if not all requirements are met.


Customs solutions

We have complete systems underpinning bonded customs warehousing allowing us to support:

  • Coordination and handling of customs procedures for incoming and outgoing goods
  • Raising customs declarations for incoming and outgoing goods, e.g.:
    • NCTS
    • AGS 2
    • AGS 3
    • CITES
    • PLDA
    • EUR 1 / CoO certificates.

We can arrange for the legalisation of documents for you through the appropriate foreign consulates.

Customs Solutions

Fiscal representation

We are expert in thinking through, preparing and handling all the steps involved in outsourcing. We do this with tailor-made advice and solutions based on practical, client-focused models. Choosing to outsource your company’s fiscal representation provides the following benefits:

  • You can concentrate on your core business while our teams and partners take care of your logistics and distribution processes
  • Our streamlined services simplify your business and provide you with measurable competitive advantage
  • You can increase your cash flow by outsourcing the logistics processes of your thriving business
  • You can benefit from our years of expertise and from economies of scale, which result in increasing efficiencies of your business processes
  • You can save time because we carry out your administrative and VAT processes
  • We can prepare the details needed for filing quarterly statements on exempt intra-community supplies and Intrastat declarations

Commercial registration
We also help companies without a Dutch or Belgian entity with the taxation of goods and / or services in the lowlands. In order to obtain a VAT number, only registering in commercial register is required. This applies for example, to companies that release products for free circulation in the lowlands and then deliver goods to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium or abroad. Companies without Dutch or Belgian entity and with a Dutch VAT number are required to submit a VAT return every quarter.

Customs Solutions