Embracing technology to deliver on your promises

Going one step further, with use of smart technology, you will get more value from your supply chain. We believe that the right type of automation and innovative solutions is the key to boost your operations in the back end.

We have all the trust in our team of over 100 experienced and highly skilled IT professionals who daily focus on designing and developing solutions that enable us to run fashion & lifestyle supply chains smoothly. Data driven end-to-end operations allow us to make efficient decisions and advise you on continuous improvement of the processes.

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Bleckmann FastTrack Fulfilment solution

If your starting fashion or lifestyle brand experiences exponential business growth and you quickly need a fulfilment solution in place, we have what you are looking for. A solution fast and easy to set up, right at the first time and ready within a few weeks will allow you to manage growing sales while volumes still do not justify customized logistics solutions.

Bleckmann FastTrack Fulfilment is a standardized warehousing and transportation solution specifically developed for small and medium sized fashion and lifestyle brands. This modular solution, proven and successfully implemented by several Bleckmann customers, is fully scalable, accommodating the future business growth of the brand.

Connectivity and visibility

Smooth flow of data between various logistics systems, tools and software solutions is crucial to assure a desired level of visibility and clarity of processes. Right integrations must be in place and optimized continuously. We use the best in class third party solutions for warehouse management, transportation management, freight management, reporting tools and dashboards, integrations and other – all combined with internally developed solutions to deliver on your brand’s promises.


Optimized return management

We offer you an efficient returns management solution supported by our in-house development for e-commerce business: Bleckmann Returns Portal (BRP). This standalone platform enables handling of complex reverse logistics processes in an efficient, fast and cost optimized way. The BRP connects with other third-party systems used by our customers and other involved partners.

Any returned products are examined carefully and processed further accordingly to their condition, for example returned to stock as new or downgraded to discounted goods. The evaluation of the returned goods is supported by our in-house developed grading software. By efficiently handling returns we can optimize your brand’s inventory management even better.

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