Delivering future-proof supply chain solutions

By embracing innovation we serve our customers better, create a pleasant and safe work environment for our people, deliver more value to our investors and contribute to local communities.

To us, innovation is so much more than just technology, modern systems and solutions. It is a way of thinking and working. We constantly look for new and better ways of getting things done. Across the whole organization, we encourage the innovative sprit and ideas. We believe in working closely together across various teams and disciplines and in sharing best practices throughout our organization. With the goal to support the success of our clients, we strive for improving our operational ways, looking for new solutions and optimizing processes. By acting today, we can deliver better results tomorrow – for Bleckmann and, even more importantly, for our clients.

Idea innovation and inspiration concept.Hand of man holding illuminated light bulb, concept creativity with bulbs that shine glitter.Inspiration of ideas for sustainable business development.

Driving innovation agenda

In order to support the innovative spirit across the organization and to drive the innovation agenda, a fully-focused innovation and digital development team has been set up, led by the Chief Innovation & Digital Officer, member of the Executive Committee.

Investing in our capabilities

We are continually investing in our technological capabilities and expanding our expertise. Our IT team of over 100 experienced and skilled professionals has developed a number of solutions allowing us to run our operations more efficiently. We make use of various technologically advanced solutions and automation across our operations to streamline processes and increase efficiencies.


Automation and robotization

Our sites are equipped with various automation systems and robotization tools enabling our customers to run their supply chain operations in the most effective way, allowing for increased productivity while still ensuring a high level of flexibility.
We always work closely together with our customers and reflect their specific needs in order to jointly decide on the most suitable level of automation for any concrete case and site.
To us, automation and robotization is not about taking work away from people. It is about automating repetitive tasks and that way enabling our team members to focus on more exciting work with higher added value.

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