E-delivering on your promises

Consumers are looking for a seamless shopping experience, combining online and offline purchase patterns.

How do you manage omni-channel supply chain efficiently? How do you assure end-to-end visibility over the inventory? How do you manage your consumers’ evolving expectations and adopt to dynamically changing market situation?


Our customers

We work with pure online players as well as omni-channel brands who combine various sales channels, from own online stores, through marketplaces, social media platforms, pop-up stores and brick and mortar to third party retailers.  We have seen many of our customers grow exponentially over the past few years, developing their business from a start-up to an internationally renowned brand, and we have supported their journey.

Flexible and scalable supply chains

Fashion & lifestyle markets are volatile, with heavily fluctuating seasonal volumes. We understand that and adapt, scale up or scale down operations as needed and when needed to match your business dynamics. With our solutions you gain full visibility over your inventory that will be managed efficiently across all the sales channels. That includes processing in transit, at the warehouse and in distribution. Our e-fulfilment solutions are easy and fast to implement. Applying multi-user and dedicated distribution centre setup allows us to ensure the right design of services that will boost the growth and success of your brand. We bring our market expertise and flexibility to all operations, taking fulfilment burden off your shoulders.


Managing returns

Handling returns efficiently and fast is of utmost importance for any online business. That is why we have developed Bleckmann Returns Portal (BRP), a standalone platform that enables handling of complex reverse logistics processes in an efficient, quick and cost optimized way. The BRP portal smoothly connects with other third-party systems used by our clients and other involved partners as required.

Any returned products need to be carefully examined in order to decide how they should be processed further, for example returned to stock or downgraded to discounted stock for second hand markets. Through our in-house developed grading software, we can efficiently evaluate all goods returning from consumers or stores and process accordingly. Efficiently handled returns will help to improve optimization of your brand’s inventory management.

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