Smart Waving: an algorithm to optimize the picking process

  How can we optimize the picking process so that the active stock and reserve stock are used optimally and orders are fulfilled as efficiently as possible? That’s the main […]

Bleckmann innovation: testing drone based inventory management

How can we optimize the inventory management process in our distribution centers? To answer this question, we recently started an innovative pilot where we can count stock by using an […]

Enhanced Putwall: a new Bleckmann innovation

At Bleckmann, we are always looking for adequate, efficient, innovative solutions in all logistic processes. Recently we have tested a new putwall process, ergonomically sound and aimed at increasing productivity. […]

Zero Waste Bleckmann

How can Bleckmann contribute to more sustainable processing in logistics of the fashion industry?

Buying clothes and throwing them away, it happens en masse. In order to reduce the environmental impact, the clothing industry is diligently looking for sustainable solutions. Alike our fashion and […]

Constantly innovating is in the Bleckmann DNA

Constantly innovating is in the Bleckmann DNA

Bleckmann is good at devising and implementing tailor-made logistics solutions for our brands. Whether this is wholesale for an established international fashion house or e-fulfilment for a new, pure online […]