The team at Gym+Coffee – Ireland’s leading athleisure brand – has seen significant growth since its inception in 2017. Now a key player in the UK and Irish sportswear markets and with a view to global expansion, Gym+Coffee needed a world-class logistics provider and growth partner. Enter: Bleckmann! As the brand entered major expansion mode, Bleckmann was onside to help them enter the next phase of their growth trajectory while maintaining the excellent customer service they’re known for.

Rooted in sustainable innovation, the brand was keen to expand with a minimum environmental footprint. Just our cup of tea – or coffee, we should say!

What did we achieve?

Bleckmann’s state-of-the-art logistics solutions are not only reducing Gym+Coffee’s delivery times and allowing better order tracking – they will also help the brand reach its goals of carbon neutrality and a zero-waste environment.

We were blown away by the scale and efficiency of Bleckmann’s operations
Diarmuid McSweeney | Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Gym+Coffee
Who is Gym+Coffee?

Created in Ireland in 2017, athleisure brand Gym+Coffee has seen demand for its sustainable sportswear soaring. Adored by its passionate community, the brand’s high-quality products are sold across Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America. Now in full expansion mode, the brand is focusing on further innovating its products and strengthening its community of adventurers – all while staying as sustainable as possible.

How did we support them?

Bleckmann’s full-scope logistics solutions are helping Gym+Coffee to reduce delivery times, increase reliability and streamline order tracking. Our reverse logistics expertise means an optimised returns process, with free returns in Ireland, the UK, the USA, and parts of Europe.

Our experience in managing demand surges enabled us to provide seamless logistics and supply chain management for this growing brand. Thanks to short communication lines, agile system integration, and a shared focus on sustainability, we’re ideally placed to support this young company in its international ambitions.

Key benefits
Greater flexibility
Greater flexibility

Handling volume peaks, business expansion and product launches

Full reliability
Full reliability

Smooth operations supporting the business day in day out

Improved lead times
Improved lead times

Strong links with key markets for fast order fulfilment

Logistics + Environment

Whether it’s introducing 100%-recycled garments, pledging to increase the share of sustainably made and sourced products available, or using carrier bags made from recycled fridges, Gym+Coffee is an athleisure brand with sustainability at its heart.

Bleckmann is ideally placed to support an expansion strategy that considers both the environment and the end customer: we’re constantly investing in programmes to reduce energy consumption, increase our share of sustainable energy and reduce our packaging and waste.

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