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Bleckmann expands into Spain

Explore our services, learn about our strategically located distribution centres, and discover how Bleckmann can help your business thrive in Spain.

Welcome to Spain

Bleckmann and B2Tex announce that Bleckmann has acquired a majority stake in B2Tex, a leading Fashion Service Company specialist with main operations in Spain.

B2Tex is better known under its operating companies ThinkTextil and HandTex

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About B2Tex

B2Tex, a leading Fashion Service Company specialist, known under operating companies ThinkTextil and HandTex.

B2Tex has been growing expertise, providing value within the supply chain and the product in the Retail & Fashion sector for over 25 years.
B2Tex is a prominent player in the textile sector, specializing in handling and logistics both nationally and internationally. The group offers B2B and B2C services, with a presence in online and offline markets, operating from 8 centres and providing in-house services. Renowned for its client-centric approach, B2Tex aims to be a benchmark group for fashion retail chains, helping them achieve their logistics and handling needs.

Fulfillment centres where you need them
Fulfillment centres where you need them

Our eight strategically located distribution centres span across Spain offering over 80,000 sqm operational space. These strategic locations in main logistics hubspots, with great connections to main airports, ports, roads and close to southern sales markets, enable us to provide operations that assure optimal efficiency for your fashion logistics needs.


Discover full range of expert services for Fashion and Textile industry we bring to the table.

Find out more about our comprehensive and personalized solutions that generate unique value in the final phases of the fashion supply chain, streamlining processes, reducing time and cost of operations, and improving overall customer experience.

We deliver on your promises, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives and your fashion brand’s growth.

The scale of Spanish operations

We leverage years of fashion logistics expertise working with global brands to deliver top-notch logistics and supply chain solutions for textile industry. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals ensures that every aspect of our operations meets the highest standards of efficiency and quality. With state-of-the-art operational space, we are equipped to handle the complexities of the fashion and lifestyle industries, providing our clients with reliable and innovative services.

years experience
skilled professionals
sqm operational space
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