KARL LAGERFELD paves the way for future growth by partnering with Bleckmann as their logistics provider

22 March 2021

High-end international fashion brand KARL LAGERFELD partners with Bleckmann as their end-to-end logistics provider. Bleckmann dedicates 6,000 sq m of warehouse space in their distribution center in Enschede to serve KARL LAGERFELD’s customers across 45 countries. Bleckmann will apply its supply chain management expertise to handle several million pieces merchandise annually. After smooth implementation of the solutions, first outbound shipments were processed in January 2021. The partnership paves the way for future growth of the KARL LAGERFELD’s brand, responding even faster to dynamic market changes and to run their business even more sustainably.

Adapt to customers’ needs

Over the course of the last few years KARL LAGERFELD has achieved a significant surge in its expansion, across wholesale, own retail and B2C channels. To be able to respond even faster to a dynamically changing market and customer needs the brand invests in a major uplift of the logistics set-up. Bleckmann has vast experience in working with omni-channel brands in the fashion industry that combine various sales channels, allowing to adapt its logistical services to the clients´ needs.

Siebrand Wiltjer, Sales manager at Bleckmann: “We know the market that KARL LAGERFELD operates in like the back of our hand and have a thorough understanding of the client’s needs. We are able to adapt the logistics process accordingly whether servicing wholesale, own retail or B2C channels. It is a perfect fit and we are very pleased to add this high-end brand to our portfolio.”

Timothy Dreijer, Senior Vice President Retail & Operations at KARL LAGERFELD: “We are confident that this new partnership with Bleckmann will elevate our supply chain performance through enhanced customer service, on time delivery, efficiency, stock accuracy, and reaction speed. Furthermore, it lays the foundation for more cohesive and coherent omni-channel operations.”

Sustainable & responsible business

Bleckmann has a proven track record as the market leader in fulfilment services for fashion and lifestyle brands. The logistics provider operates all warehousing and outbound logistics for KARL LAGERFELD brand out of the central warehouse in Enschede, The Netherlands, as of beginning of 2021. At this moment operations occupy 6,000 sqm of warehousing space. Siebrand Wiltjer, Sales manager at Bleckmann explains: “Setting up the collaboration went very smooth from the beginning as we had a great mutual understanding and cultural fit. The first items have been successfully delivered showing essential improvements to the end recipients.”

Both Bleckmann and KARL LAGERFELD are committed to run their businesses sustainably and responsibly and will join forces to increase sustainability in the distribution center in Enschede. Timothy Dreijer, Senior Vice President Retail & Operations at KARL LAGERFELD: “We are pleased that Bleckmann supports our Corporate Social Responsibility ambitions. Working with them reflects our continued commitment to sustainability across our business, and in particular, will help us achieve some of the goals outlined by the Fashion Pact.”

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