FitFlop targets pan-European expansion with Bleckmann as the logistics partner

10 October 2023

UK-based footwear brand FitFlop has selected Bleckmann, experts in supply chain management for fashion and lifestyle brands, to provide omnichannel logistics for its UK and EU customers. The five-year agreement is designed to support FitFlop’s rapid growth in its home market while providing scope for streamlined expansion across the EU. Key benefits include faster fulfilment times and greater supply chain resilience thanks to Bleckmann’s well-established pan-European transportation networks.

FitFlop’s new logistics operations are based at Bleckmann’s state-of-the-art distribution centre in Magna Park, Lutterworth, in the heart of the UK’s ‘Golden Logistics Triangle’. The site’s proximity to major freight routes will enable next-day delivery to customers across the UK, as well as more efficient fulfilment in the EU. “Bleckmann’s warehouses operate seven days a week until midnight, so we can now offer UK Mainland customers next-day delivery for orders placed on our website before 9 p.m.,” said Sal Billington, Global Logistics Director at FitFlop. “This promises to be a huge competitive advantage.”

Dedicated to customer satisfaction

With FitFlop’s sales expected to more than double over the course of the five-year contract, scaling up its logistics operations is a key pillar of the brand’s growth strategy. To support this projected growth, Bleckmann has implemented a state-of-the-art warehousing solution designed to deliver high efficiency and flexibility. FitFlop’s 9,300-square-metre footprint at Bleckmann’s site includes 2,600 square metres of ‘very narrow aisle’ (VNA) pallet racking and 6,700 square metres of active floor space.

This agile setup provides the ideal balance for the brand’s omnichannel business model, enabling the distribution of more than 6,500 SKUs direct to consumers and B2B customers. The facility features 20 multi-functional packing stations that can be used for all stages of the logistics process, from outbound to returns management. Bleckmann’s network of strategically located European sites may also provide opportunities for cost-optimising solutions such as bonded warehousing and returns consolidation.

A perfect fit

In line with FitFlop’s commitment to delivering a superior customer experience, the changeover to the new site was achieved with zero disruption to service. This required months of planning, preparation and close collaboration. “We were all impressed with the dedication that Bleckmann showed to this project,” continued Sal. “Thanks to their short lines of communication and regular check-ins with our sales, operations and management teams, we were able to make a smooth transition that did not affect the excellent levels of service our customers have come to expect.”

Bleckmann and FitFlop’s shared commitment to delivering a consistently excellent customer experience made them the ideal partners for this project. “Like us, FitFlop is a highly agile and entrepreneurial company with a clear and ambitious expansion strategy,” said Reinardt Van Oel, Chief Operations Officer for Belgium and the UK at Bleckmann. “We look forward to supporting FitFlop’s growth trajectory over the next five years with comprehensive omnichannel solutions.”

Looking ahead to the next step

In the short term, the next milestone for the new partnership will be the Black Friday sales period in November. “We expect that Bleckmann will be fundamental to the success of this and future peak sales periods,” said Gordon Knox, Chief Operating Officer of FitFlop. “To date, they have demonstrated an exemplary degree of professionalism, flexibility and cooperation, meeting all of our challenges with efficient, well-planned end-to-end solutions. In short, they are the ideal partners for our growth journey.”

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