Bleckmann scores a top-10 listing in the EMERCE 100

26 April 2024

In this year's Emerce-100 - under the Fulfillment Warehousing chapter - Bleckmann is in the top 10 of this category. This special annual issue focuses on how online industry decision-makers assess the performance of service providers and is divided into several categories. It covers five areas: Agencies, E-business services, Media & Advertising, Software and Venture.

Jurrie-Jan Tap, Chief Business Development of Bleckmann, responds as follows: “It is good that we have again received great recognition in our category with this top 10 listing. We remain committed to continuously improving and offering innovative solutions to meet the needs of our e-commerce and omnichannel customers.”

Other awarded companies are Hexspoor, Monta, Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services, PostNL and Katoen Natie. No real new names have been added in the Fulfillment Warehousing category.

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