Bleckmann ESF project launch – teleworking

01 February 2019

Bleckmann is part of Logistic Investments and is currently the logistics services market leader for many international fashion and lifestyle brands. With 34 branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and the US, we collect, store, handle and deliver clothing and packaged goods for retail and e-commerce worldwide.

Our data-controlled supply chain solutions involve many people, parties, documents, systems and know-how. The pandemic has boosted our business thanks to increasing online sales, but it has also brought challenges with it. Specifically in terms of teleworking, our aim is a sustainable integration.

We experienced steady growth in recent years. This means a very large group of employees was recently hired and still has considerable learning and growth potential within the company. The aspects involved in this, such as learning and growing in a job, connecting with other colleagues, finding the right balance between work and private life, etc. require extra attention in the context of remote working. How Bleckmann meets the difficulties and challenges this new way of working implies is therefore very important.

With the financial support of the European Social Fund, we provide appropriate training and teach employees the skills required for teleworking. In this way, we want to give everyone the opportunity to develop within the company.

This ESF project focuses on modern skills, broken down over 4 domains:

  • Digital competences
    Specific tools and tips that facilitate overview and control and simplify teleworking.
  • Collaboration
    Insights, social and communicative skills that contribute to better collaboration and remote consultation.
  • Social and cultural skills
    Respecting each other, regardless of background. Superiors are also trained to manage a teleworking team better.
  • Self-regulation
    Employees receive insights into their own situation and the provided techniques allow them to work more purposefully and independently as well as more consciously and efficiently with their time and workload.

The aim of this training project is to invest more consciously in our employees who come into contact with remote working. Competences are strengthened, collaboration improved and resilience and self-regulation are increased. Ultimately these skills will result in better services and customer satisfaction.

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