Bleckmann creates more biodiversity on the Bergen op Zoom industrial site

27 January 2021

In collaboration with training and work placement company WVS, Bleckmann stimulates biodiversity on the industrial site Bergen op Zoom. By constructing a butterfly garden with smarter greenery like a wall of branches to provide hiding, breeding and wintering places as well as flower strips and insect hotels, Bleckmann aims to contribute to a healthy ecosystem within this industrial area.

Last summer Bleckmann sat down with training and work placement company WVS. The goal was to create attractive and nature-friendly plans for the greenery around the business park in Bergen op Zoom with a special eye for bee welfare.

Circular approach

In the meantime, the first plans are in execution. In December 2019 the green department of WVS constructed a half-high wall of natural residual material that offers shelter to insects, reptiles and birds. A welcome addition to an industrial area. Based on a circular approach, the materials used were extracted as much as possible from the immediate vicinity of the site. WVS chief contractor Dennis Schijvenaar explains: “We use locally sourced material whenever possible. For example, the posts and filling of the wall are made from willow trees that grow on the site. There were too many trees next to each other, so we thinned them out and immediately put them to use.”

Combined forces

In the aim to make the industrial site greener and more biodiverse, specific care is taken to ensure that the animals that live in the area get a chance to flourish. Organization Bijenlandschap West-Brabant is engaged for their specific knowledge on bee welfare. For the green workers of WVS this is a great opportunity to enrich their knowledge with that of other naturalists from the region. The initiative is furthermore supported by the green department of the municipality of Bergen op Zoom, which also participates in this project. The enthusiastic cooperation and the joining of forces have already made the project a success so far.

Ron Thijssen, corporate social responsibility manager at Bleckmann concludes: “As an organization, we believe it is very important to give something back as well being involved in our immediate environment and the ongoing support. Due to constructive input and advice from the municipality of Bergen op Zoom; Bleckmann have taken a solid first step towards a more biodiverse format of the business park. In the spring we will continue to work with WVS on this biodiversity project. We really hope to encourage other companies in the area to collaborate with us in making a difference in the local surrounding. Wouldn’t that be great? ”.

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