Bleckmann and MG Real Estate build a brand new CO2-neutral distribution center in Kruisem

04 May 2022

MG Real Estate and Bleckmann have set the symbolic first column of a new distribution centre in Kruisem: MG Crosswoods. This new multi-user site, with a floor capacity of 36,000 sq m and possibilities to expand to 80,000 sq m, is expected to be delivered in the first half of 2023. Thanks to smart, sustainable solutions, it will become a carbon-neutral fulfilment centre. With the opening of this location Bleckmann will create additional employment opportunities in the region.

As a growing logistics expert, Bleckmann is constantly looking for more capacity in different regions to accommodate the growth of the company, its current clients and new clients.

Bleckmann already has a logistics site in Kruisem and, together with MG Real Estate, is now building a new distribution centre just a stone’s throw from there. The choice of Kruisem is no coincidence. The strategic location along the traffic axis between Antwerp and Kortrijk offers an easy connection to North Sea Port, the Port of Antwerp and France. The expansion at this central location is of great importance for Bleckmann, enabling the company serve its European clients and their end customers from here 24/7 even more efficiently and flexibly.

Reinardt van Oel, Chief Operations Officer Belgium & UK at Bleckmann: “We are very pleased with this new development in the Kruisem region. Previously completed campus sites in Grobbendonk and Ghent have accelerated the growth of Bleckmann and our clients. It’s great to be able to serve the clients from the region even better on this strategically favorable location with our highly experienced team and give them the space to realize their ambitious growth targets.”

With the installation of a support beam 15 meters high, partners Bleckmann and MG Real Estate marked the start of the long-term cooperation. Bleckmann’s new site in Kruisem, MG Crosswoods, will be a modern and spacious distribution centre that will also include offices and relaxation areas for employees. The building is expected to be delivered in the first half of 2023.



Thanks to the use of solar panels, heat pumps, smart LED lighting and a gasless installation, among other things, MG Crosswood will be completely CO2-neutral. Electric charging stations for cars and bicycles will also ensure that alternative means of transport have their place on the site.

Ignace Tytgat, CEO of MG Real Estate: “MG Crosswoods will be a state-of-the-art distribution center that, in addition to modern and sustainable technologies, can also be adapted to the needs of the user. For example, the building can grow with its user thanks to built-in mezzanines. In this way, the total floor area of 36,000 sq m can be expanded to 80,000 sq m without having an impact on the environment.”

Mark Van Onna, General Manager Real Estate at Bleckmann: “In partnership with MG Real Estate, we are able boost the sustainable growth and expansion of our business in this region that is extremely important to Bleckmann and our clients.”

It is clear that Bleckmann and MG Real Estate, two strong European players, have found each other completely in this new project.


Employment and technology

In addition to warehouse space, MG Crosswoods will also provide offices and recreational areas on the site as well as plenty of green space. This is necessary at a time when a real ‘war for talent’ is going on. This new fulfilment center will create additional employment opportunities in the region.

Moreover, thanks to its flexible organization and a campus model operations, Bleckmann will be even more capable of responding to changing market demands.

In addition, Bleckmann will invest in automation focused on the future. As a logistics expert with an eye for innovation, Bleckmann is constantly looking for smart technologies to serve its clients even more efficiently.

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