Bleckmann among the Top 10 of the Top 100 logistic solutions providers 2020 thanks to its innovative and sustainable initiatives

05 June 2020

Bleckmann has been recognized among the Top-10 of the 100 leading Dutch logistics service providers (3PL) in 2020. The position of Bleckmann is remarkable, as the Top 10 mainly consists of generalist companies while Bleckmann specializes in serving the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. As an expert in (e)fulfilment for these market segments Bleckmann strongly focuses on sustainability and innovation, which has clearly been appreciated by the experts who compiled the ranking.

In just 2 years Bleckmann has climbed from 22nd to 10th position in the ranking. As the expert in omni-channel logistics, with particular focus and strength in e-fulfilment, Bleckmann supports the clients to make a transition from retailing to e-tailing and further to a total market approach. The focus on offering e-fulfilment activities, supported by gained knowlegde and experience, does pay off in solid revenue growth and in winning the tender processes of leading retailers such as Gymshark, Patagonia, Chiquelle and Osaka.

From sustainability to innovation

While sustainability was emphasised in 2019, in 2020 the focus expended to both sustainability and innovation. According to the experts that compiled the ranking innovation is a key element for future growth for a modern 3PL company. Innovation also plays a major role in surviving during difficult times, especially such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Within the 3PL organization it should be embraced and reflect in the deployment of labour, smart warehousing/transport, use of digital platforms and total supply chain management.

Reducing CO2-emissions and Zero Waste goal

Within Bleckmann innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. Ron Thijssen, Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at Bleckmann: “Concerning sustainability, we focus, among other aspects, on different opportunities to reduce CO2-emissions within the supply chain. Additionally, we aim to reduce waste and even strive for Zero Waste operations. Bleckmann is deidicated to developing sustainable initiatives and processes that are crucial to us, our clients and other business partners. This approach helps us and supports our clients in achieving even better sustainability related results. Sustainability matters also the their end-customers.”

Dedicated to innovation and digital

Innovation is a driver for Bleckmann’s growth, as well as for the business expansion of our clients. In order to support a continuous innovation process, Bleckmann has appointed Steven Rymenans, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer to lead a team dedicated to innovation and digital development. “We believe in the power of innovation and the possibilities it brings for us and our customers. One of the main goals we have set is exchanging knowledge and experience between employees and departments internally, as well as between Bleckmann and its business partners within the full supply chain,” admits Steven Rymenans, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer.

Managing the supply chain until the last-mile

The close collaboration with supply chain partners does help Bleckmann modernize supply chain management. “Our end-to-end approach to supply chain is supported by the use of the modern IT-platform. It allows us to analyze data and predict all kinds of activity levels. For example, for incoming orders in our forwarding department until the last-mile distribution. Such Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide essential support and help us manage exceptions,” adds Jurrie-Jan Tap, Chief Development Officer at Bleckmann.

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