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Whitepaper: 7 logistics trends for the fashion and lifestyle industry

Research suggests that speed of delivery is not so important to consumers after all: 9% of shoppers said they would choose slower delivery if given the choice. But nearly 60% would choose slower if the option was labeled ‘sustainable’. Almost 70% would choose this option if they could share their sustainable choice on social media and see other people doing the same.
7 Logistics Trends

In 2023, the fashion and lifestyle sector faced significant challenges, leading to changes in logistics strategies for both online and traditional retail.

In this whitepaper, we discuss the trends shaping 2024 and how logistics can play a crucial role in helping your brand grow, cutting costs, and improving sustainability. The digital shift is evident, with e-commerce making up 19% of global retail sales in 2022, expected to reach 23% by 2027. We focus on seven innovative logistics trends that contribute to a more sustainable and efficient service model aligned with changing consumer preferences.

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