Omni-channel Distribution

Worldwide optimal delivery solutions through the Bleckmann Local Hero network


Regardless of the sales channel and the size of a shipment, we will ensure that your orders are delivered in time wherever needed. We distribute over 20 million packages annually directly to consumers, retail stores and wholesalers.

In the fashion and lifestyle industries, delivery volumes heavily fluctuate throughout the year, easily surging 10 times during peak seasons. We are experienced to manage such dynamics. We ensure deliveries to your customers as they were promised.

Thanks to our transport management system, track & trace solution and reporting tools combined with our customer service capabilities, you will have full visibility of the status of your shipments at any time.

Local Hero Concept

We work with a network of carefully selected local transport partners offering reliable and efficient services around the world. We collaborate with over 50 carriers to meet all your requirements and consistently deliver on agreed service levels. This allows us to always offer the right services matching your needs, from the linehaul to the last-mile delivery. Throughout the entire distribution process, Bleckmann remains your single point of contact, assuring efficient and seamless execution of each and every shipment.

E-commerce delivery

Many pure online as well as omni-channel brands rely on our smooth delivery services. We process delivery of orders to over 7 million consumers around the world annually. We deliver either directly to their homes or to more than 150 000 PUDO (pick up & drop off) and click & collect points.

E-commerce returns can be very complex. We help your brand by taking care of fast and efficient returns of merchandise, with the full scope of solutions available for reverse logistics. That includes for example grading processes, restock and resale services.

Retail store delivery

We supply merchandise to thousands of retailers, ranging from high street stores, through stores-in-stores and pop-up concepts to shopping centres. We offer several service levels combined with various delivery options. The best fit carrier from our extensive network is always selected to meet specific requirements and business model of your brand, including for example drop & lock, time-slot or book-in deliveries.

To ensure efficient and smooth reverse logistics, stores can return unsold stock while they are receiving new deliveries and unsold merchandise can be moved between individual stores if required.

Wholesale delivery

We deliver merchandise to your wholesale business partners, including your distributors, agents and e-commerce platforms, ensuring that all agreed terms and conditions between your brand and your business partners are met. We help your brand optimise the inventory across your total sales network and take care of fast replenishment of merchandise.

Bulk returns help keep costs of the return process down. Returned merchandise can be easily restocked at the original distribution centre or repositioned for alternative markets and sales channels.

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