Our omni-channel transport solutions ensure that the delivery and return of orders meet the needs of our clients and of their customers seamlessly.

The omni-channel services we, as transport manager, provide do include:

  • Customised distribution service through the Bleckmann Local Hero concept
  • Advanced return & grading services
  • Customer service solutions for our clients and their customers

Delivering on your promises since 1862

With over 150 years of experience in transportation and logistics nowadays we have evolved into a world class partner in supply chain management (SCM) for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

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Bleckmann Local Hero

We aim to provide the best service to our clients and their customers by having orders (and returns) delivered as quickly, accurately and economically as possible. To accomplish this we have developed the Local Hero concept. This involves using the technologies and networks of many partners (our Local Heroes) and combining these with the skills and experiences of our own employees.

Always the best service
We select the carrier that best fits the client’s wishes. After the first linehaul, the carrier selected will take care of the last mile delivery (and of returns if necessary). We offer a wide range of options via the Local Hero concept, from retailers to pick up points for consumers and vice versa for returns.

One single point of contact
Throughout this entire process Bleckmann remains the contact point for the client and we will ensure that the logistics process is seamless and effortless.

In short, the Local Hero concept guarantees optimal service by delivering orders and returns quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

afbeelding-local-hero bijgesneden

Reverse Logistics and grading solutions

Using our advanced software we are able to provide you and your customers optimal service for returns handling.


  • Low transport costs – we can reduce costs by using a large partner network and the same carriers for delivery and returns.
  • Independently or with support – we offer both modules where your Customer Service supports your consumer in the return process and modules where the only action required is from the consumers themselves.
  • Quick processing – the carrier who picks up return goods ensures that processing the return starts at the moment that the package has been collected. The carrier informs our client directly, so that the client can inform the consumer quickly and settle the return payment process.
  • Satisfied consumers – the fast and accurate return service aims to provide a positive experience for the consumer thus promoting future sales.

Several modules
We have developed a series of modules to ensure we can provide the service that best fits the needs of our client’s customers. Our modules support a wide range of return options from simple to fully integrated returns, with real-time visibility and support in the grading process.


Customer service solutions

We provide solutions to look after your customer service and to ensure the best possible service to the consumer. Through our partner network we can set up worldwide customer service operations where we help your customer to:

  • place orders
  • get insight into the status of their order
  • start return procedures

Benefits for your customers
Our customer service aims to serve the consumer in the best possible way, including:

  • Multimedia support: by phone, e-mail and chat
  • Multilingual customer service
  • Local presence in all main European countries
  • Track & trace software giving the customer insight into the status of their order