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Expanding fast across Europe, Chiquelle is one of the Nordics’ most exciting online women’s fashion brands. To cut distribution costs and open up the continental European market, it decided to move its logistics operations from Sweden to the Netherlands. But moving an entire warehouse without impacting customer service would be no easy task…

Given our solid track record in fashion logistics and e-commerce, not to mention our superior access to the brand’s growth markets like Germany and the UK, Bleckmann was the ideal partner to make the move a success. And that’s exactly what we did. Our experience in right-first-time delivery allowed us to complete the project in record time – while ensuring that Chiquelle could offer continuity of service and pave the way for its next expansion phase.

What did we achieve?

Following months of careful planning and collaboration, Bleckmann moved Chiquelle’s entire logistics operation – including systems, teams, and stock – from Sweden to the Netherlands perfectly according to plan. The transition was achieved on time, on budget, and without any disruption to customer service.

Bleckmann has demonstrated that they can support modern lifestyle brands in a very fast growth – exactly what we want too
Pouya Bolland | CEO and co-owner of Chiquelle
Who is Chiquelle?

Chiquelle is a Swedish online-first fashion brand selling clothing, bags and accessories. Founded in 2012, it now ships to over 70 countries worldwide, including the US and Europe. New limited clothing collections are introduced every week, which normally take just three weeks to design and produce from scratch. In addition to its online channels, Chiquelle regularly opens pop-up stores to provide an even more immersive shopping experience.
How did we support them?

In an industry that thrives on fast order fulfilment, efficiency was crucial. As well as the physical move, we facilitated new ways of working and connected Chiquelle’s IT systems with Bleckmann’s own warehouse management systems (WMS) – all in record time.

Our site in Almelo, the Netherlands is ideally located to serve Chiquelle’s growing European customer base, with direct links to the Dutch, German and Belgian markets and linehaul transportation to Scandinavian countries. Now that’s a job well done!

What were the results?

The move from Sweden to the Netherlands is a key milestone in Chiquelle’s strategic ambition to increase profitability and drive sustainability. By reducing distribution costs, increasing end-to-end visibility and offering plenty of room for expansion, Bleckmann is the ideal partner to help Chiquelle make the most of its exciting growth opportunities.

Key benefits
Improved lead times
Improved lead times

Excellent links with European markets for fast order fulfilment

Greater visibility
Greater visibility

Integrated, comprehensive supply-chain monitoring tools

Optimised inventory
Optimised inventory

Streamlined order handling and efficient returns management

Looking ahead with confidence

Chiquelle’s move to the Netherlands comes with several strategic advantages: our integrated warehouse management solutions provide optimal lead times, greater visibility over logistics operations, and optimised inventory with fast handling of returns – so Chiquelle can keep costs as low as possible as it scales up.

The new warehouse, as well as significantly reducing costs, places Chiquelle at the centre of the crucial north-south axis of the European economy – a prime position to expand within the EU. An exciting future awaits!

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