We provide best in class warehousing and value added services on a global scale.

As a 3PL dedicated to the fashion and lifestyle industry, we operate more than 5 million sq ft of warehousing in Europe, Asia and North America.

Warehousing services

The warehousing services we provide include:

  • Bespoke warehousing solutions
  • Optimisation of business processes and productivity
  • Bonded warehousing for C- and E-type customs licence
  • Complete systems supporting C- and E-type customs licences, deferral of taxes
  • Best in class security systems and methods
  • Inventory control, pick & pack, cross dock operations, transport management from factory to shop floor, sample management, returns management, POS management, customs matters
  • Cross-dock, multi-user and dedicated warehousing
  • Best in class WMS solutions supported by our own development team to detail processes and map receipt, storage and shipment of goods
  • Return management and grading software with focus on e-commerce orders
  • Experience in ramping up capacities for peak periods in the fashion and lifestyle markets

Value added services

On top of our regular warehouse processes we provide a wide variety of value added services, e.g.:

  • labelling
  • bagging
  • re-packing
  • reconditioning
  • repair
  • engraving of jewellery
  • quality control

Delivering on your promises since 1862

With over 150 years of experience in transportation and logistics nowadays we have evolved into a world class partner in supply chain management (SCM) for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

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