Bleckmann Grobbendonk takes care for the transport of their employees

Bleckmann Grobbendonk has organised a dedicated bus service for its employees. A bus will pick them up from the local train station and bring them back there again after they have finished their shifts. Bleckmann does this because its warehouse is not accessible by public transport.

Bleckmann, a fashion warehousing and logistics company, is located at the very end of the industrial zone in Grobbendonk, near Antwerp, where there is no public transportation service. That is why the company is now taking action. “We make sure that people who come from further away can get here,” says Manager Tom Leunckens. The company will now pick up its employees from two easily accessible spots – one is the train station in Herentals and the other a busy crossing in De Lindekens. From there, the bus brings them straight to work.

The first findings show that especially new employees make use of the dedicated bus service. “It is also a way to win over new employees, to come and work for us,” said Tom Leunckens. Bleckmann will cover most of the costs; employees are asked to pay a small fee in return. Bleckmann is Europe’s largest fashion logistics company and employs over 500 people in Grobbendonk, a number that continues to rise.

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